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Internet is our basic need. Although it is not enlisted in the basic need but many people cannot live a day without using internet connection. Router made everything easier. If you have single internet connection in your home and then you can make the connection aired with the router and multiple devices can use same internet connection. They just divide the total internet speed. Router is a not very expensive product. There are many types and many brands of routers. You should always buy a router which is popular in the market and manufacturer of the router provide best customer care support to the users.

In this case, I suggest users to choose Linksys or D-Link routers. You may buy Tenda router. All of those router use same IP address as router default IP address. This default IP address is a main key for login to the router control panel. You need to setup internet and other settings in the router. That is why, you should read the router manual. In the manual, you will get all of the instruction what you need to use for router and Wi-Fi. You need to read the router manual first and collect some information like username and password.

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How to Configure Router Wireless Settings:

Just type the default IP address on the browser address bar and press enter button. You will see a login form where you need to use username and password. When you press enter button, then you will be logged in the router. On the router, you have to setup all necessary setting as if you can use internet and use Wi-Fi. All of the routers especially home routers use Wizard tool for setup internet fast. You do not need to worry. If you use wizard tool, then it will take 2/3 minutes to setup Wi-Fi connection. Every expert suggests users to save time and to use wizard tool. Users can manually put the setting information. Experts can put settings manually.

For most of the routers “admin” is used as username and password. You should check the router username and password to make sure that you have used default username and password for login to the device. Linksys and D-link use admin as username but other routers may use different username and password. That is why, you should know the default username and password with the default IP address. After login to the device, you have to setup all of the settings and everything is very easy.

I suggest all of the users to use Wizard tool and follow wireLess settings where you will get information from other blog. Wizard tool helps to put information step by step. You need to use internet type, router mode, setup SSID network name, password or key easily. You have to click on the next button until the process end or you finish. It does not take much time. You may use same information manually if you like.

You can read other blogs or visit YouTube site for wireLess settings. You will get more instruction or video instruction from the YouTube or other sites. This is not much difficult to follow instruction. However, you can check the setting and setup connection of Wi-Fi from your smart mobile or tablet PC. You just turn on your device and search SSID network name by search Wi-Fi feature of the smart device. If you find the name of the SSID network what you used or typed in the router, then you should choose it and use the network password. If you do not find the SSID name by your smartphone, then you should check the router settings.

When you SSID network name, you should use different name than your family members name. Because you should let other people know that who is using what internet connection. Use hard password for Wi-Fi as if the connection of the Wi-Fi remains protected. If you use common password, then it is very easy to hack. That is why, you should think about the Wi-Fi security and the first step of the router security is use hard password. You must use capital and small letter combination in the password. You should use number and symbol in the password.

Now you need to know about another important setting which occurs from the default IP address. You need to know about IP address confliction. For this problem, you cannot use internet or you can use Wi-Fi. This problem bloc the internet connection and you cannot use inter or Wi-Fi until you fix the problem. You can solve this problem when you change the default IP address You will get the default IP address from the router setting page where default IP address is used and you should change the default IP address and run internet or Wi-Fi. When multiple devices use same IP address in the same network, then this problem occurs.

In the router manual, you will get many important things which you cannot ignore. You can reset your router from the router control panel. You need to change the default IP address for IP confliction. You can change the username and password for securing the router. You can update the router firmware for fixing the bug. This is possible when manufacturer release the firmware. You should setup the date and time from the router control panel. Due to the time and date, you may get problem of the router. You can get all of the information in the router manual. That is why, you should read the manual.

You can change the IP address and you can setup the IP address from the router setting. You need to change the IP address for the IP address class. The IP address class is setup from the first two parts 192.168. and you cannot change this part. If you want to change the default IP address, then you should change the default IP address from back side of the router. You can change the X of the IP address 192.168.X.X. You can use any number in the place of the X of 0 to 255. You should change the default username and password for securing the router and you already know how to secure Wi-Fi connection.

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This article will help of the users but this article is appropriate for new users. If you search the keyword admin wireLess settings online, then you will not get any better article than this one. In the router manual, you will get necessary information. You can use other websites to know more about the router and Wi-Fi settings.

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